The series “Immaculate Eve”

When we face a matter and find its cause out, we tend to go backward unlimitedly looking for the chain of causes behind the Cause. Even if you get the Cause, it is only conjecture in the scope of hypothetical limitation. We cannot elude the eyes of observer, and the source of the Cause keeps dropping out of our hands. In a way, we reside in reality as an existence without the source.

Although it is an anxiety that hangs me in the air, it is at the same time a comfort that tells me we cease to exist beyond any chain.

I have expressed this aesthesia through the series of derivative works without any origin. This is the series of the book illustrations without original book.



The illustrations and the texts are the pieces that reside fleetingly in the reality. However, the symbols in the picture lanes build the conjuncture where lies the infinite room for any interpretation, and simply start to tell us the stories.